About the Universal Foresight initiative

The Universal Foresight initiative is structured into 7 activities.

  • Activity 1 Delphi Survey. This will involve a real-time Delphi Survey designed around the six parts of the Handbook.
  • Activity 2 Case Studies. This will involve the gathering and mapping of excellent and impactful foresight cases studies.
  • Activity 3 Interviews and Dialogues. This will involve targeted interviews and dialogues with key foresight practitioners, organisers and users providing insights on foresight-driven research, education, innovation and regulation.
  • Activity 4 Data Analytics. This will involve the systematic analysis of foresight publications, keynotes and media coverage.
  • Activity 5 Wiki-Foresight Ecosystem or UF Observatory (UFO). This will involve both top-down and bottom-up strategies to map foresight practices, outcomes and players by world regions, by type of applications and by areas of science.
  • Activity 6 Handbook. This will involve selecting lead authors and contributors to the 36 chapters of the Handbook, writing and editorial work.
  • Activity 7 Communication and dissemination. All communication and dissemination approaches to be applied to raise awareness among all groups of foresight stakeholders as to why it is necessary for them to interact, exchange ideas and participate in the co-creation of the UF Observatory and the knowledge base for the writing of The Handbook of Universal Foresight.