Call for Chapters

The Handbook of Universal Foresight: Impact, Methodology and Practice

Call for Chapters – Submissions Due by June 30th, 2023

Target Publication Period: Summer 2024


Why to contribute to The Handbook of Universal Foresight?

The Handbook of Technology Foresight (THoTF) has been serving the foresight community for over ten years, thus the time is ripe to review the past decade of foresight practices around the world and offer fresh perspectives to foresight practitioners. 

Universal Foresight will look into new and emerging theory and practice of foresight and provide a more holistic overview of the discipline, hence the working title of this new book compilation is The Handbook of Universal Foresight: Impact, Methodology and Practice. The work will investigate foresight practice by world regions, type of application, and by areas of science, in order to bring together the knowledge of foresight evolution, methodology, impacts, outcomes, benefits, practice, evaluation, and tools. Furthermore, the work will consider the possible futures of foresight; would it be better than expected, worse than expected or completely unexpected?

While THoTH focuses mainly on national level activities, The Handbook of Universal Foresight aims to explore wide-ranging global/international, national and local initiatives. One book. One community. Countless examples of foresight practice under one ‘roof’.

The Handbook will be a vital reading for (1) policymakers considering, commissioning, or using foresight; (2) companies concerned about their long-term future and how to better assess and manage opportunities ahead; (3) academics and researchers working in foresight, futures and STI policy and management.

We invite leading experts and practitioners to contribute chapters analysing foresight experiences in Africa and the Middle East, Americas, Europe, Eastern Mediterranean, South-East Asia, and Western Pacific regions. 


The Handbook is designed to offer a holistic overview of foresight theory and practice, covering all world regions. The book will be edited by foresight experts providing strong international coverage, including Rafael Popper (VTT, Finland), Lonny Brooks (United States), Kerstin Cuhls (Germany), Monika Popper (Futures Diamond, United Kingdom), Guillermo Velasco (Polytechnic University of Madrid, Spain), and Łukasz Nazarko (Białystok University of Technology, Poland).

Submitting a Chapter Abstract

We are accepting submissions of chapter abstracts for The Handbook of Universal Foresight: Impact, Methodology and Practice until 30.06.2023. Leading authors and contributors will be selected based on a combined score resulting from a: (1) Delphi survey response; (2) citations, advisory roles and outreach; (3) relevance of insights provided in targeted interviews; (4) response to open call for chapters; and (5) co-editors approval. 

The book is structured around 6 main parts and 36 chapters. We welcome submissions of abstracts (up to 500 words) for any of the chapters listed below. 

  • 7. Foresight in Africa and the Middle East
    8. Foresight in Asia
    9. Foresight in Australia
    10. Foresight in Europe
    11. Foresight in North America
    12. Foresight in South Africa

  • 13. Foresight for Science and Research Policy
    14. Foresight for Technology Development
    15. Foresight for Sustainability and Society
    16. Foresight for Businesses and Organisations 
    17. Foresight for Territorial and Urban Development
    18. Foresight for Wicked-Problems and Moonshots

  • 19. Foresight on Natural Sciences
    20. Foresight on Engineering and Technology
    21. Foresight on Medical Sciences
    22. Foresight on Agricultural Sciences
    23. Foresight on Social Sciences
    24. Foresight on Humanities 

Publishing Timeline

  • Abstract submission closes June 30th, 2023
  • First draft of chapters due November 30th, 2023
  • Final chapters due March 30th, 2024
  • Planned date for book submission - July, 2024