• Mohamed Bechir Jouini - EU-AGMEP

    Mohamed Bechir Jouini

    Honorary Doctorate Degree in Futurology Chair Holder of Foresight Precursor of Noble Governance Approach:
    FUTURIST STRATEGIST, academically trained economist, writer, thinker,searcher,public policy analyst , international expert in public policies strategy and foresight, theoretical engineer of NOBLE GOVERNANCE, honoraris doctorate degree from the English university , AGMEP membership .
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  • Tim Schatz - VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd

    Tim Schatz

    Dr Tim Schatz (PhD Physical Chemistry) is a Senior Scientist in the Nature-Based Solutions Team at VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland. He has over 15 years of experience in radioactive waste management issues, primarily the design and performance of engineered barrier systems for the final disposal of spent nuclear fuel. He is currently contributing to projects on developing innovations for the predisposal management of radioactive waste and the design of near surface disposal facilities. This work increasingly involves strategic analysis and priority setting for which Dr Schatz looks forward to applying foresight methods.

  • Torsti Loikkanen - Sapar Oy/Ltd

    Torsti Loikkanen

    Torsti Loikkanen worked as Principal Research Scientist in VTT Technical Research of Finland Ltd from 1987 until 2016, and since then in Sapar Oy/Ltd, a consulting company in industrial innovation, foresight, and innovation policy studies. His research and consulting expertise contain industrial innovation, evaluation and impact assessment of science, technology and innovation (STI) policies, and roadmap and foresight of technological and socio-economic development. His studies have encompassed performance of innovation systems, globalization of STI policies, and sustainable development. He has contributed to the development of forward looking and foresight studies and related methodologies of the European Commission and European Parliament (e.g. FORLEARN exercise developing foresight evaluation). He has consulting experience from Australia, Africa, Latin America and Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC). He is one of the founding members of Brussels based Joint Institute for Innovation Policy (JIIP) and Steering Group member of the international innovation network The Six Countries Program. He is an invited life-long Member of The Technology Academy of Finland.

  • Guillermo Velasco - Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

    Guillermo Velasco

    Guillermo Velasco (PhD) is Scientific Manager of Innovation and Technology Transfer of the Flagship ‘Human Brain Project’ (European Commission) and senior researcher - Task leader - at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. He is also Honorary Research Fellow at the Manchester Institute of Innovation Research (MIOIR) of the University of Manchester (UoM) in the UK, where he completed a doctoral thesis on the generation of sound advice with Foresight. His academic background also includes a MPhil in Economics and Innovation Management (EU-SPRI) and a BEng in Industrial Organization from the Technical University of Madrid. He has over twenty years of experience working on innovation management as Director of Innovation in different industrial companies, and ten years as researcher and consultant for different institutions like the European Commission and United Nations, in Europe and Latin America. He has developed action research on foresight projects for making advice on the European Research Area, and contributed to the design of a new framework for assessment and management of sustainable innovation in the CASI project (EC). He has also been involved in Horizon scanning activities for the UK National Health system on health emerging technologies, and has experience, as SAP certified associated consultant, in Design Thinking methodologies for product development and innovation.

  • Monika Popper - Futures Diamond Ltd

    Monika Popper

    Monika Popper (MSc) has worked in the area of foresight and future-oriented innovation assessment and management; mapping critical issues affecting sustainability of innovation and collaborating with relevant stakeholders to create growth, competitiveness and sustainability of innovations. She has been involved in the organization of diverse foresight and horizon scanning research projects with strong emphasis in multistakeholder engagement activities, including the participation of citizens in agenda setting. In her role as a researcher and innovation manager, she has reviewed developments and implementation of health and safety, food security, healthcare and sustainable innovation (SI) policies and platforms, amongst other research and technology development activities.

  • Neo Popper - Futures Diamond Ltd

    Neo Popper

    Neo (Rafael) Popper (PhD) is Founder and External Director of Futures Diamond Ltd in the United Kingdom, Director of Executive Education in Foresight at the Manchester Institute of Innovation Research (MIOIR) of the University of Manchester in the UK, Adjunct Professor in Futures Studies, Foresight and Innovation Management at the Finland Futures Research Centre of the University of Turku in Finland, and Co-Founder and Director of the Łukasiewicz – Centre for Foresight and Internationalisation (CFI) at the Łukasiewicz Research Network in Poland. Dr. Popper was also Principal Scientist in Business, Innovation and Foresight at VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd (2016-2021). Dr. Popper has 20+ years of experience working as foresight and innovation policy consultant for several international organizations including the European Union Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA), European Commission, Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC), United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), World Bank, and for several public and private organisations in Europe, Latin America, Africa, Asia, Australia and the Middle East.