One of the aims of The Handbook of Universal Foresight is to update and “reload” the Foresight Diamond with a co-created and prioritised list of qualitative, quantitative and semi-quantitative methods. The 'UF Methods Bank' has been established for sponsors, organisers, practitioners and users of foresight to jointly assess the context, people, process and impact related aspects of a community-driven selection of methods. A short description of each method is followed by a more detailed one, together with an indicative assessment of the core type of knowledge source the method is mainly based upon. 

However, as methods are like "living animals" pretty much influenced by their "masters" and "adopters", as well as the passage of time and myriad of factors related to their implementation space, we have decided to apply two mutually supportive methods (Critical Issues Analysis and Action Roadmapping) to better assess and manage any barriers, drivers, opportunities and threats that UF community members deem as potential shapers of foresight methods themselves.

The Methods Bank will be evolving content-wise over time. At the moment we have listed some 75 methods that will be described in a more detailed and structured way throughout the project. So visit this space regularly as more information will be shared as contributions arrive from UF team members.