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  • Computing the Human Brain

    Computing the Human Brain
    16.06.2020 | Guillermo Velasco | Views: 531

    The Human Brain Project (HBP) is one of the most ambitious Flagship projects of the European Commission. With HBP, Europe aims not only to become a worldwide leader in understanding of  the complexity of human brain - which has more than 80 billion neurons, linked to each other through, on...

  • Why UF Observatory? Join the movement!

    Why UF Observatory? Join the movement!
    07.05.2020 | Monika Popper | Views: 531

    “I have a dream today” highlighted several times Martin Luther King in his landmark speech on the 28 th of April 1963. It was in the present that he had a desire to, through his dream, create a better future and reality for the upcoming generations. According to Godet (1994) a prospective...


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